Double Whammy! Episode 2 with Alexis Koran

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Let's talk about networking. I'm not sure about you, but every "Networking" event I've ever been to has do I put this....hella awkward.  It feels totally uncomfortable and utilitarian, but the need to make connections as a Person In Business™ is pretty important. So the question is, how do you meet new people without making it weird? Our guest today, Alexis Koran, is one of the best people to ask about that.  At her company You Me Us Now, (of course we got the story behind that name) she does PR and Social Media for some of Chicago's best bars and restaurants, so meeting new people is pretty important. She's figured out a way to connect with a simple technique - just talking to people. And she's great at it. 

When I get in those moments where I'm like 'I should be doing more networking....' That is gross. I will never feel comfortable doing that.'" 

Alexis was actually one of the people that inspired The Zest. Each time we worked together, she was a fountain of ideas and energy, which usually turned into some kind of a great collaboration. We wanted to bring that to more people than just our one-on-one meetings that turned into social hour, and so the idea of hosting meetups alongside this podcast was born.


Alexis "Networking" at Sink Swim by Jude of Glassbackwards fame!

Alexis "Networking" at Sink Swim by Jude of Glassbackwards fame!


We held our first Zest Meetup this weekend and guess what: Alexis brought her personal brand of joy to the table to great results. We had ten entrepreneurs, crowded around a giant bowl of punch and a gorgeous cake, networking in disguise, having real conversations about the highs and lows of taking a different path. (Want to join us at our next one? You can! Keep reading!)

On this episode, we dig into what it means to feel "Comfortable" in your business and we do a bit of a deep dive into the lessons we can learn from pop culture. Empire, The Good Wife, and The Unbreakable Kimmy Shmidt all get a name check, but really, all of that is just a pre-amble to the best moment in the whole damn recording: Alexis' Q-Tip Theory of Patience and Life Change: 


Obviously, we're not going to spoil it for you, you're going to have to listen to the podcast, but it will change your life. If you like it and it inspires you, pass it on. We're on Stitcher + iTunes too, so if you really LOVE it, give us a review! We'll send you a review too. It'll be just as lively as this podcast. 

Till next time!

Kelsey + Mal

p.s. Going forward, new podcasts will air every other week, which means you can look forward to a new episode on 5/12. We know, we'll miss you too, but we're headed to Miami for a big production job, so if you're into sunset photos and coctkail snaps, you can follow along on Instagram. 

p.p.s. We almost forgot! Want to join us at the next Zest meetup? To the left, to the left. 

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