Introducing The Zest

It's an exciting time at Presence, between beginning a new multi-city production project and working on Taste Talks 2015.  We're coming up on our one year anniversary and we feel like we've learned a lot about being entrepreneuring #bossladies, but there's SO much more to discover. 

After months of learning things the hard way, and meeting some truly fantastic people, we wanted to create a place where we could sit down and discuss some of the topics we feel like aren't being approached. Things we wish we knew as cofounders, creatives and rogues. Plus, we love snacks, drinks and hosting parties, so we came up with The Zest. 

The Zest is a two part experience- every other week, we'll be releasing a podcast and every other month, we'll host a meet-up with dessert and drinks (Because come on, everyone gets real at the dessert table.) At the meet-up, which you can sign up to attend, we'll talk about the topics we've covered on the Podcast. While we're getting the first episode ready we'd like to invite you to sign up to be invited to our meet-up. Our first series topic:  Making the Leap! 

                                    Photo by the perfect and fun Carolina!


                                  Photo by the perfect and fun Carolina!

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