Flower Season is Here and so is Episode 3 with Field and Florist!

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Today, we bring to you a great chat with two awesome people- Heidi Joynt and Molly Kobelt of Field and Florist. For this podcast, we had growth on the brain. After you jump in, once you create a business, it seems like the most daunting stuff is behind you, but as any year-old business owner will tell you, the growing, the planning, the pruning and the maintenance are just as much of a challenge. Molly and Heidi know a lot about all of this- at their flower farm in Barrington, they're faced with daily challenges like weather and yield for their wholesale business, while balancing future questions like when to grow, what to grow and how to get there. 

"We’re not hindered by that challenge, but it’s something that’s staring us in the face every day."

We also discuss seasonality and what it really means when your business has the expected (or unexpected) highs and lows. Heidi and Molly have a great perspective on it- downtime is an excellent time to plan, to rest and to get ready for the busy season to come. Anyone that knows Mallory and I has probably heard that was our biggest surprise in our first year. This summer and winter, we're both taking some time to explore the world instead of worrying during our quieter times.

Flower Recipe video via Potluck Creative for Rabbit Hole Magazine

Field and Florist has grown intentionally from a fledgling flower CSA to a Chicago Tribune-recognized wholesale flower farm with plenty of big adventures ahead of them. After chatting with Molly and Heidi, it's clear that they both jumped into their business head first, with a little help from friends like Heritage Bikes and Coffee. Yet similar to their organic style of arrangements, their business has grown in the ways it needed to, thoughtfully and naturally, which may have not been their original plan.  From them, we learn to roll with the changes and embrace the opportunities. 

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-Kelsey + Mallory