The Pursuit of Extraordinary: Sarah DeArakie of Deck Collective

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On this edition of The Zest, we leave Chicago and travel to Brooklyn and introduce you to a dear friend of ours, Sarah DeArakie.  Sarah owns Deck Collective, where her mission is 'to showcase a select roster of items that represent her life experience, all housed within an inspired environment'.  Her experience in fashion brands prior (how Sarah and Mallory met), eventually lead to her curating her own showroom with up and coming brands looking to launch in a very thoughtful environment.  Deck is curated life at its finest, so we easily fall into conversation about creativity, collaborative opportunity, and the choices we make and their impact on the life path we walk on.    

"We started doing a project and it has now transformed and escalated into something greater.  It was really about just creating something special and it wasn't about doing mass business."

Owning up to the fact that the fashion world isn't all about vision, but sometimes mostly about the numbers, our conversation holds true for most any entrepreneur: how do you marry creativity and inspiration with a working model that generates money?  For brands that error on luxury, lifestyle, with creativity and inspiration being their core edge, often times that means looking for opportunities in non traditional places.  Those are the projects, where oftentimes if treated like a living growing organism allows to move in it's own direction without prejudice, create some of the best end results.



Taking it back to the start, we wrap our conversation about how business conceptualization weaves around the challenges and issues of someone who has another career.  From both a logical standpoint to the emotions involved, making the jump is rewarding and scary, emotional and strengthening all at once.  It's the ultimate in human paradoxical experience where self motivation and thick skin rule in moments of emotional instability and feeling alone.  

We hope you have enjoyed our first podcast series, 'Making The Jump,' as much as we have!  We are excited to announce the next series in two Tuesday's titled: 'Partners'!  In this series we will explore different types of business partnerships; the good, great, and occasional (if possible) bad of sharing your journey with another person.  Also, new series means new Zest Meet-Up, so be sure to sign up to be invited to our next get together- the first 20 RSVPs (including guests) get to meet in an intimate setting, discuss, and dare I say, network with some of the finest people Chicago has to offer over cocktails and snacks!  

-Kelsey + Mal