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Allie LeFevere & Lyndsay Rush: How to use fun to get your business in the spotlight

Presenting Coffee Talk: a weekly roundtable led by the city's best doers curated by Presence Agency.

Every Wednesday at 1pm we'll be sipping Stumptown Coffee in the lobby while we chat with some of our favorite people in town about what they're doing.

Our installment on October 2nd features Allie LeFevere and Lyndsay Rush, Founders of Obedient Agency.

We're the co-founders of Obedient, a humor branding agency—the first of its kind—that turns businesses into unstoppable, unorthodox, unforgettable brands. Rooted in the power of fun and the potency of humor, we launch brands and campaigns that hook consumers in...and keep them coming back for more. And yeah, friends, we do it all: strategy, messaging, and design—online, offline, crossing the line, you name it. At the end of the day, every evil genius on our team lives to prove that you don’t need to prey on the fears of your consumers to make the kill. Instead? Excite them to death. RIP, your sad sales and long live fun. ;)