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Valerie Friedlander: Lead your life in an aligned way so you maximize your energy, impact, and enjoyment.

Presenting Coffee Talk: a weekly roundtable led by the city's best doers curated by Presence Agency.

Every Wednesday at 1pm we'll be sipping Stumptown Coffee in the lobby while we chat with some of our favorite people in town about what they're doing.

Our installment on October 2nd features Valerie Friedlander, Founder of Valerie Friedlander Coaching.

Valerie Friedlander is a certified life leadership coach, founder of The Unlimited Mom Movement, and creator of the Full Life Ownership Model. She has a background in sociology and corporate management with a healthy dose of creative arts thrown in. She is also a trained mediator, a brain science enthusiast, and knowledgeable in a variety of spiritual practices. She loves supporting compassionate, badass boss women to joyfully and sustainably pursue their purpose in the world. She has a soft spot for lattes, unicorns, and a good analogy.