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Jim Snediker + Tim Tierney: Recognizing Opportunity

Presenting Coffee Talk: a weekly roundtable led by the city's best doers curated by Presence Agency.

Every Wednesday at 1pm we'll be sipping Stumptown Coffee in the lobby while we chat with some of our favorite people in town about what they're doing.

Our next installment features Jim Snediker and Tim Tierney from Stock Mfg. Co.. Jim and Tim will discuss the importance of allowing your business to evolve, and understanding how to know when you should stick to the plan, and when you should make the hard decision to change directions.

Stock is an apparel design and manufacturing company producing the majority of our garments in the heart of Chicago. Founded in 2012 as a menswear brand, we've leveraged our cutting edge design and manufacturing expertise to become the outfitter of choice for some of the finest hospitality establishments in the world. Clients include Alinea, Soho House, Chicago Athletic Association, Momotaro and, of course, Ace Hotel. In our 6+ years in business, Stock has maintained a commitment to quality, innovation and collaboration at every level of our business.