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Erin Carlman Weber + Derek Herbster of All Together Now: Turning Lemons into Lemonade

  • Ace Hotel Chicago (map)

Presenting Coffee Talk: a weekly roundtable led by the city's best doers curated by Presence Agency.

Every Wednesday at 1pm we'll be sipping Stumptown Coffee in the lobby while we chat with some of our favorite people in town about what they're doing.

Our next installment features Erin Carlman Weber and Derek Herbster, Co-Owners of All Together Now. Erin and Derek will be with us chatting about turning lemons into lemonade. After receiving a cease and desist from the owners of Brothers and Sisters in Washington DC, which is owned by Sydell Group, the Chicago bottle shop and eatery was forced to change their name. Despite doing their due diligence from the outset, sometimes shit happens. Erin and Herbster would love to discuss how they've turned lemons into lemonade, renaming the property 'All Together Now' and throwing their take on New Orleans-style funeral to put the old name to rest on April 5th.

All Together Now, formerly "Brothers and Sisters," is a funky bottle shop, all day eatery and market in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village. The brainchild of Erin Carlman Weber and Derek Herbster in partnership with chef Jonny Hunter of Madison’s Underground Food Collective, Brothers and Sisters is about good people sharing good food. The bright herbaceous menu spotlights produce from Upper Midwest farms and Underground Meats' smoked and cured meats, alongside a thoughtful selection of provisions: natural wine, tasty easy beer, small producer cheese, artisan charcuterie and multi-roaster coffee.